A $50K snow sport snow fee: The snow sport industry in Minnesota

In the winter of 2018, Snow Sport USA received an email from the company, asking if the snow sport community was interested in signing up for an annual snow sport license fee, or SLFS.

The company is a subsidiary of the Snow Sport Marketing Group, which also runs snow sport events across the country.

The email said the SLFS fee was “an annual fee that will help support the growth of the snow sports industry.”

The SLFS was set to expire on June 30, 2019, but the company said it was extending it until February 2020.

Snow Sport said it would charge the SLFs a flat rate of $10,000 per season, or $25,000 for two seasons, for two years of snow sports activities, or the SLF fee would be doubled to $50,000.

Snow Sports USA said in a statement to the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the SLfs fee was part of an effort to encourage the growth and expansion of the sport in Minnesota.

“While the SLFL [snow league] has expanded its scope and has been a key component of snow sport development in Minnesota, the SLFA [sport license fee] is our largest revenue source,” Snow Sports said in its statement.

“The SLF has provided an important source of income for the Snow Sports marketing group and has helped sustain the SLGA, which in turn has been instrumental in supporting the SL sport and snow in Minnesota for over two decades.”

Snow Sports had been working with the Minnesota Department of Transportation to establish an SLFS, but it was denied by the state agency, citing a lack of snow conditions.

In response to the SLFI, the Minnesota Legislature voted in June to make the SLFU a public revenue source, and the SLFCs annual fee was set at $50.00 per season for the two years, $75 per year for two-year terms, and $100 per year over the course of two seasons.

SnowSport USA said it will not charge the fee again until it receives an extension from the state.

The SLF was originally proposed by Snow Sport in 2007, and it is still active in snow sports.

“We are very happy to be partnering with the SnowSport Marketing Group and look forward to continuing to work with them in the years ahead,” Snow Sport CEO Jim Schott said in the SLFB statement.

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