How to save money on your snow sport tickets by using Buckeye Snow Sports

Buckeye Snow Sport tickets have been a staple in the local ski area for over 20 years, and now, with the introduction of Buckeyes Snow Sports, they can be a much cheaper option. 

The first Buckeyed snow sport was introduced in 2011, and it has been one of the most popular ski sport tickets around the country. 

Now, Buckeys snow sport ticket prices have been slashed by 75% from $1,199 to $849. 

In addition, BUCKEYES Snow Sport ticket prices now include: Free ski season pass, an annual pass and more for the first 3 years of the ticket (for a total of $1.5k per season) (plus discounts) Free parking for the first three years of tickets (at no extra charge)  Plus, all BUCkeye Snow sport tickets are now fully refundable with no minimum payment (so if you don’t want to spend more than the ticket price, you can cancel your BUCKES ticket for a refund) Plus: Buckeye Sports Passes have been removed from all ticket windows in select locations and are now only available for purchase through the ticket office (all other tickets remain valid, and are also fully refunded) To learn more about the benefits of buying BUCKEES Snow Sports tickets, click here. 

Bucckeye SnowSports is available in more than 20 locations nationwide, including Lincoln, Montana, Nampa, Idaho, Gila River, Arizona, San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, Denver, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Atlanta, Austin, Atlanta, Atlanta-Fulton, Austin, Phoenix, San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego, Houston, Houston, Laredo, Kansas City, Denver, Houston and Tucson (more to be added). 

To buy BUCKINGES SnowSports, click  here.

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