“I can’t believe the snow!” – A man with a snowboarding mask struggles to understand the snow in his neighborhood

A man who lived near the White House said he was surprised to see the snow he lived in in his front yard, despite being told to expect it.

The White House posted the image on its Twitter account Sunday morning.

The man said he noticed snow falling on his property during the previous night’s snowstorm.

Snow fell on my front yard!

I was expecting it to be in the morning!

@whitehouse pic.twitter.com/V7kC8q8PX4 — Robert Johnson (@RobertJohnsonNY) January 26, 2021He said he didn’t know the Whitehouse posted it, but the snow on his front lawn is typical.

“I’m not surprised, I’m just surprised because the WhiteHouse said it was snow,” the man told ABC News.

“That’s how you learn to be thankful.

I’m glad it’s snowing.

It’s a good feeling.”

The man, who asked not to be identified, said he’s never seen snow fall in his back yard.

He said he has a snowboard and snow boots and is used to snow in the winter.

“But in the summer time, I have snow in my back yard,” he said.

“If you’re in your front yard and it’s not a normal day, you don’t expect it to rain.”

He said the White house posted the picture on its account in a message on Monday morning.

“I was just surprised,” he told ABC.

“They posted the snow outside in front of my house, but I was never told to go outside.

So I’m not sure why they were surprised.”

The White house told ABC the post was an error and did not reflect the weather conditions on Jan. 25.

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