‘I was born to ski’: Ski resorts in Northern California are struggling with snow sports


— Snow sports is an industry that has been around since the 1920s, but the industry is in a tough spot right now, said Mark Schlesinger, a ski-industry consultant who is based in the Santa Monica area.

The number of skiers and snowboarders in the region has exploded in recent years, according to the California Ski and Snowboard Association, a non-profit organization that represents the industry.

The association has grown from just over 1,200 members in 2008 to nearly 4,000 members today.

Ski resorts are not the only ones in need of help.

Snow sports has also been on the decline in the northern U.S., but it is not the same in every region.

According to the American Ski and Ice Association, snow sports in the U.N.-member world’s fastest growing sport has seen a decline in popularity and participation.

The snow sports industry has struggled to stay afloat in recent decades, but with a recent push by the National Ski and Altitude Center to increase its funding and increase the number of ski-related programs across the country, some resorts are finally starting to realize that they need to step up and compete.

The winter ski season in the Southern Tier is the biggest snow sports event in the country.

It attracts thousands of skier and snowboarding enthusiasts who gather at resorts across the U, as well as skiers from around the world.

It also is a major fundraiser for charities, including the National Snowboarder’s Foundation.

Schlesinger said ski resorts are struggling because of the impact that climate change has had on the region.

They need to do a better job of communicating with the public, communicating to local government about the benefits and benefits of skiing.

The resorts also need to create a culture that is welcoming and accepting of newcomers.

Schleinger said many resorts have not had a plan in place to educate visitors about snow sports.

That needs to change.

Schlenger said that while the snow sports can be a very fun sport, it can also be very challenging.

He said resorts need to educate the public about the importance of the sport, and provide them with an appropriate environment to learn how to ride safely.

Schlosinger said it can take months for ski resorts to get snow sports programs up and running.

The most successful ski resorts have done it in about three years.

He said the industry has to be proactive and help make ski resorts a place where people feel safe.

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