Ski and snowboard expert Andrew Pignataro says the latest snow has been a godsend for snowboarders

Andrew Parnataro is a snowboarder who’s had the opportunity to experience the latest, most devastating snowfall this season.

“It’s been absolutely fantastic.

It’s been the perfect storm.

I’ve been riding the wave really well and it’s been great,” Mr Parnatoro said.

Snowboarding has seen a resurgence in popularity over the last few years.

In the last three years, snowboarding has gone from being one of the most popular sport to a new niche that attracted some of the country’s biggest names.

Andrew Parnato, from north of Adelaide, is one of them.

The 36-year-old is a mountain skier who has snowboarded at Mount Bachelor in the past.

He’s spent the last two years touring Australia with his new team, Snowboard Adventures, which includes members of the touring team and a local snowboard club.

While most snowboard enthusiasts will be enjoying the new snow, Mr Pignatoro says it has also provided him with a new outlook on snowboarding.

“I love it when it’s going to be really bad,” he said.

“You’ve got the snow falling and the snow coming down so quickly, it’s like you’ve got an avalanche.”

When it’s good, I just enjoy it.

“It was really difficult with the snow and how much it had come down, and you could really feel it coming down.”

Mr Pignato says snowboarding was always about being out on the snow.

“We’re all in this together and that’s the best part of it,” he explained.

But it’s now come to the point where Mr Prenato feels like he’s more than just a snowboarding rider.

“Snowboarding is really about having fun and I’ve found that being a snow boarder now means you have a lot more control over what you do on the board and you can make decisions that you would never have thought of before,” he told

“Now, being a ski boarder, being out there, I’m not sure how to ride a snowboards because the snow is so different to how I do it.”

Snowboarding, snowboard, snow, snow sport: a guide to the season ahead article Snowboarding has also become a bit of a sport for those who aren’t snowboardists.

There are those who like to ride in the snow to get a better sense of the terrain, or snowboards that have been built to take the most extreme conditions.

And there are also those who enjoy the outdoors as much as skiing, snowshoeing or snowboarding do.

Mr Renton said snowboarding had helped him cope with a busy lifestyle.

When you’re living with a lot of people and a lot is going on in your life, and when you’re working all the time, that just takes a toll on your life,” he recalled.

It also has provided a bit more of a social outlet, he said, with friends who he can talk to in person and other people who he feels like can share his experiences with.”

That has helped me deal with a bit.

I can now hang out with a bunch of people at the same time and talk about stuff with them,” he added.”

But at the end of the day, it just comes down to, ‘What can I do to help out?’

“The latest snowfall has also allowed Mr Pravataro to hone his skills on his snowboard.

A ski pole and a ski blade are his two favourite things.

They have been the only pieces of equipment he hasn’t been able to wear since he was 12.

Despite the snowfall, Mr Renton still has a lot to live up to.

After all, snow sports are a great way to relax.

With his snowboarding and snowshoes, Mr Koppenberger said he still enjoys the adrenaline rush of snowboarding, which he can still experience today.”

This season has been really good for me,” he laughed.

His snowboard and snow skiing have both helped him weather the storm and he’s got a new passion in life.”

If you want to do something that involves skiing or snowshowing, I’ve got to have a snow shovel, a snow jacket, a ski mask,” he joked.”

Hopefully, it will help me out and give me more enjoyment in life.


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