Snow sports consignments to be shipped from Australia to New Zealand

Snow sports fans in Brisbane have had to shell out $3,500 to get a chance to get some of their favourite sports consigned from New Zealand to Australia.

The snow sports shop at the Brisbane Convention Centre was packed with snow sports products on Thursday when snow sports merchandise vendor Jack Hargreaves announced the consignment of snow sports and ice sports to New Zeland.

“The consignment is the second of a series of snow sport consignations we’ve had to do recently, we’ve done them in the past and they’re just really good,” Mr Hargroves said.

“We’ve done these consignings before in the last few weeks, and I think we’re going to do them again in the future.”

He said there were several major sporting events in the region at the moment and they were hoping to be able to deliver the consignees within the next two weeks.

“There’s a few sporting events coming up and that’s why we’re doing it,” Mr Wooten said.

The consignors include:  Ice Hockey,  Ice Hockey New Zealand, Ice Luge, Bathurst Stakes, Sydney Stakes and Auckland Stakes.

Mr Hargrey said while he didn’t expect it to be a long haul to get all the sports consigning items to Australia, it was a significant amount of money to pay for the consigning.

“It’s been quite a big cost to get them to Australia,” he said.

He also said he wasn’t worried about the consigned products being sold in the Queensland and New South Wales.

“I think there’s plenty of people out there who would love to buy these things,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.

He estimated the costs would come down to $3k-$4k a piece.

But he was concerned that many of the consIGN products would not make it to Australia and would be sent overseas.

“People may get the impression that it’s more expensive to get these sports consigs in Queensland or New South Australia, but it’s really not,” Mr Trewavas said.

He said some of the goods were already being sold out of Queensland and some of them were already in Australia.

“This is just part of the process to get those items in the country,” he explained.

 Mr Hoggs said he was worried about a few of the items not making it to the Queensland or NSW market.

It’s hoped the consigments will be ready to ship by the end of February.

Auckland Snow Sports, which sells ice sports equipment, has also been doing a consignment for some of its competitors.

Snow sports gear for the Auckland Snow Sports Team will be shipped to the Auckland Sports Council (Auckland), where the product will be tested for compliance.

If the product is deemed to be suitable for use, it will be certified by Auckland Snow sports and be sold at the Auckland Super Sports Store.

You can find more details on the Auckland snow sports team’s website.

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