What’s the deal with snow sports?

It’s been a big year for snow sports: snowboarding and snowboarding competitions in Finland, snowboarding events in Japan, snow skiing competitions in Switzerland, and snow sports in China.The latest is a global competition, which takes place in Shanghai in February.¬†Ahead of the event, we’ve put together a list of all the different snow sports competing […]

How much snow does a human body produce?

Health Canada says that for most of us, a normal snowfall is about 3.6 inches, but the National Weather Service says that the average person produces between 5 and 6 inches of snow each winter.According to the National Snow and Ice Data Centre, an average person can produce up to 8.4 inches in one season, […]

Snow sports: Australia gets a new ski-and-snow sport deal

Snow sports are set to become an even bigger part of the Australian winter calendar in 2019, with the introduction of a new snow sport.Snow sports are a new category of sport in which a person can ride in a snow-covered vehicle.The term is derived from the term “snowboarder” and is used in the sport […]