Why are snow sports so popular?

Snow sports is the name of a popular snow sport that has become popular in parts of Europe, South America and Australia.The sport is often described as “tough” or “hard” and involves sledging with sticks and poles to create snow.Snow sports are popular because they involve sledging in a controlled environment, unlike most other snow […]

Snow sport industry hits new highs as snow sports gains traction

The Snow Sport Industry Association (SSEIA) has recorded its first year of growth and is now worth $16.4 billion.SSEA CEO Mark McAllister said in a statement that the association had witnessed a 30% increase in the number of registered members in the past 12 months.“Our industry has been hit by a huge influx of new […]

Cardiff Snow Sports’ new jersey and logo are up for auction

The new jersey for the Snow Sports Cardiff Broncos will be auctioned off at the NRL’s Snow Sport Auction.It is a new jersey, it is a brand new logo for the club and it is up for bid at the auction, the club said in a statement.The jersey, worn by Broncos star Boyd Cordner, was […]

Snow covers sport snow covers sports: How snow covers sport will affect the game

Snow covers sports in winter can be tricky, but it can also be life-changing.With temperatures dropping below zero in the snowpack, many outdoor sports have adapted by introducing special ice packs or making other tweaks to their training routines.For example, snow-covered hockey teams have been playing in freezing conditions for years and now are often […]

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