You can still buy snow sports gear, but you can’t go camping as much anymore

Snow sports are the ultimate family sport, but now that there are so many resorts, you have to spend a lot of money to travel to them.It’s a little bit of a Catch-22, but with this new avalanche alert system, you can still go snow skiing, snowboarding, snowsurfing, snow biking, and snowboarding with the help […]

Snow sport fans rally against the NHL’s expansion

The NHL announced Monday that it plans to add more snow sports in 2018 and beyond.The league is expanding the number of winter sports on the calendar from four to eight.It also said it is looking to add winter sports to its upcoming Winter Classic.The Winter Classic is a five-day hockey event that draws over […]

Winter sports in New York and the Bronx is in for another snowy season, says city snow sports director

A snowy winter is on the way in New Jersey, where snow sports officials say winter sports teams have not only not had their games canceled, but have even enjoyed a new lease of life.Snow sports in the Garden State will return to full strength as the months continue to roll by, officials said Monday, […]

Why you can’t get the snow sports app for Apple TV 5

When Apple finally officially launched the Apple TV in 2015, it promised to make streaming the new product a priority.“Streaming on Apple TV is something that we’re looking to deliver as soon as we can,” Apple said in its marketing materials for the device.It added that the streaming feature was “coming soon,” and that Apple […]

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