Snow sports popularity in Minnesota rises to new high

Snow sports in Minnesota rose to a new record for popularity on Tuesday, reaching 10 million fans.The sport gained the highest number of fans per sport of any sports category for a single day in history, according to Sports Illustrated.“I think the sport has always been in a great place,” said Duluth resident Lisa O’Hara, […]

The most exciting ski events for winter 2018

Skiing has never been this popular or accessible in the winter.With snow, snowboarding and snowboarding-style snowmaking, snow ski enthusiasts from around the world flock to this unique winter event.It’s a time to escape the winter and enjoy all the skiing, snowboarding and snowmaking in the world.Snowkites are popular in many countries around the globe, from […]

Eclipses snow sport charts for spring 2017

Snow sports charts will likely be the big focus of the upcoming spring season.Eclipsing snow sports charts is a way to quantify the relative success of snow sports from winter sports and winter ski sports.Ecliptic snow charts are created by taking the average distance traveled during a winter snow sports event.You can compare these averages […]

What snow sport suspenders mean for you

The sports accessories company Snow Sport is launching a new line of suspenders.Snow Sport suspenders will feature the company’s signature snowflake motifs, and feature a reflective coating.Snow Sports will also introduce new snowflake suspenders with a unique design that is a bit of a departure from other companies.Snow sport suspender will be available in sizes […]

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