How to play snow sports without your feet—for the first time

The sport of snowboarding is back with its newest edition, which features more than 400 snowboarders in the snow.While it’s still not quite as easy as snowboarding in the air, snowboarding has finally found its way into the home.The sport has taken off since the late 1990s thanks to the popularity of skateboarding and the […]

How to get into snow sports in Wellington

Snow sports is becoming a mainstream sport in Wellington.Snow sports society Snow Sports Society is one of the most successful snow sports associations in New Zealand and has become one of Snow Sports New Zealand’s biggest success stories.They have grown from just three people to a staff of around 50.“Snow sports have been a way […]

Why the Australian Paralympic snow sports teams are a better deal than any other sports

Paralympics Snow sports can be expensive.But at least one sport can afford it.With the Games just two months away, a look at the top Paralympians from snow sports to track track.1.Ben Collins The man behind the name Ben Collins is the most decorated Paralympian to date, having won the gold medal in the 5,000m at […]