The Australian snow sport industry’s new guidelines for safety

Snow sports are popular and widely popular among Australians.

However, they are increasingly the subject of a growing body of knowledge about their safety.

The Snow Sports Association (SSA) has released new guidelines to help protect the sport from further injury and death.

The guidelines were published in response to a growing concern that injuries to snow sports athletes and spectators could result in death or serious injury.SSA chief executive Steve Jones said it was important to have an industry-wide, industry-led and industry-consulted approach to the safety of snow sports.

“I think this is a great opportunity to provide a roadmap for those involved in snow sports and sports-related activity to come together and develop a common set of safety recommendations that we can then bring forward to government and other stakeholders,” he said.SNS Sport Australia, the country’s leading snow sport organisation, said the guidelines would “provide clarity and certainty to those involved and to the general public, to prevent injuries, injuries to others and deaths to athletes and fans.”

The guidelines outline key safety principles that athletes and staff should follow and to ensure safety for all.

They include:Training is mandatory for all staff and spectators to ensure that they are fit to participate and can safely perform in the sport.

If a spectator has an injury or falls ill, they must immediately seek medical attention.

A spectator should not attempt to hold onto or touch another spectator or another person if they have an injury.

The person that has been injured should immediately report to the emergency service.

All equipment should be properly secured and locked to prevent damage to it.

There is a minimum number of snow skis, poles, sleds, snow blowers and snowboarders, but more should be used for more challenging sports.

Safety gear should be worn, with the helmet being worn only when the snow has melted.

A person wearing a headlamp should not use a snowboard, but should use a separate lamp.

People who fall should always stay on the snow surface and should not be carried on the surface.

If they need medical attention, they should be treated by a medical professional.

The SSA also recommends that:The safety of spectators should be a key consideration for snow sport organisations.

“The primary focus for snow sports organisations is ensuring that safety is maintained at all times,” Mr Jones said.

“As we know, the majority of deaths in sport involve accidents and injuries that result in deaths of other persons.”

We want to make sure that we are not creating an unsafe environment for our people.

“He said SSA would continue to monitor and improve the sport’s safety measures.”

Safety will always be a top priority for us,” he told SBS News.”

This new guidelines are an important step forward in that process and we will continue to work closely with the Australian Snow Sport Association (ASSA) to develop guidelines that we will use in the future.

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