US snow sport association launches ‘snow for sport’ campaign

A US snow sports association has launched a new campaign to encourage US sport to embrace snow as part of its appeal to young people.

The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, are scheduled to begin on 9 February, but in an effort to boost interest in sport and promote snow for the first time in the US, the American Snowboarder’s Association (ASA) has launched the Snow for Sport campaign.

It is part of a wider push to encourage people to embrace the sport as a part of their sporting interests.

“We want the sport to be a part, and not just a one-off thing that we can do for fun,” said Mike Deane, the association’s vice president of communications.

“The sport should be something you do year-round.

Snow for sport is part and parcel of that.”

The campaign is aimed at encouraging young people to participate in the sport.

“We want to create a sport that people are passionate about and that people want to participate and play,” Deane said.

The association said the Snow For Sport campaign was aimed at bringing about a change in attitudes towards snowboarding and its use in sport.

“While snowboarding is a fantastic sport for its versatility, it is also a sport of many people, and we want to build a movement to change that perception,” Deano said.

“If we can start with young people, we can then build up to older people, women and men.”

The ASA launched the campaign with a video in which a snowboarder, clad in a pink vest, sits in front of a snowy mountain, with the slogan “Make it snow”.

The video, entitled “Make It Snow”, was shown at the SnowforSport events on the US Snowboarding Championships, and was released this week.

Snowboarding was a sport first introduced to the US by US Olympic gold medalist Lizzy Fridman in 1896.

It is a popular sport in the northern and central parts of the US.

It was one of the first sports to be used by US ski teams in the 1930s.

The ski and snowboard companies have been involved in the SnowForSport campaign, with sponsorships and sponsorships for the association and the National Snowboarding Association.

Snowboarders have also donated money to the association.

“It was a big step forward for the sport in terms of how it was viewed by the general public,” said Bob Hickey, the ASA’s executive director.

“That was a huge step forward in the development of the sport here in the United States.”

The association has also been pushing for the government to allow snowboarding to be played on US snow, and to make it available to the public.

“Snow is the perfect sport for outdoor use.

It’s not only a sport but a way to create enjoyment,” Deana said.

Deane said the ASA had been working with the US Ski and Snowboarders Association, which has also come up with a “snow-farming” campaign, which includes a website with information about where to find snow for your garden or snowman.

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