What to know about the new snow sport style guidelines

A new snow sports style guide has been published by the National Snow Sport Office, and some of the key points include: -Style guidelines are for the winter sports only.

-No restrictions apply to indoor sports.

-There is a limited number of ski and snowboard models and they can be customised to any style.

-You can get a ski and/or snowboard jacket and ski or snowboard boots at the office.

-The rules state that the ski and sport are not compulsory, but you can wear them as long as you are at home.

-If you wear a ski or sport jacket while skiing or snowboarding, you cannot bring it into a restaurant or bar.

-A ski and ski sport mask must be worn at all times and at all areas of the snow sport.

-Fashion styles may include dress and casual, plus boots and a jacket.

-Snow sport equipment and accessories may be sold or rented.

-Climbing gear, snowboard, and other outdoor equipment must be left at home or in the office for at least three days.

-Skis and snowboards are not allowed on a snow bank.

-Ice skating and snowboarding are not permitted on a frozen lake, beach, or hill.

-All clothing is to be kept in a dry state.

-Your clothing must not be worn when you go out to ski or ski in the snow.

-Water is not to be used in a snow sport or on your body.

-Ski and snow sports are allowed to be performed in the same room as a house party or other activity where alcohol is allowed.

-Anyone found wearing a ski, snowboarding or ski mask while skiing must be asked to leave.

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