What’s the real reason why the ice cream truck is here in the snow?

Snow sports popularity is one of the most popular sports in Australia and the snow truck has become a huge attraction.

Now the ice truck has made a return to the country after its initial tour in Australia.

Snow sporters who live near Snowy Bay, in the Kimberley region, are invited to participate in snow sport, with a special offer for the Snowy Sports Queenstown Snowballers who are snowballers, and have not been snowballing in years.

The snow truck is a large ice skating machine, and is a popular attraction for Snowy Lake, in south-west Sydney, which has a large number of snowboarders and skaters.

Snowy Bay resident and Snowy Ski Instructor John Gage said the snow trucks were a great way to get snow on the ground.

“We get snow pretty much every day and there’s just a lot of people there who are really good snowboarder’s and snowboard-ers, so the trucks are great for that,” he said.

John Gage runs the Snow Sports Queentown Snowballer’s Club.

Photo: Supplied “The ice trucks are very popular with snowboard clubs, it’s a great place to get out on the snow and skate.”

It’s a really good way to keep yourself fit, because it takes quite a bit of snow to ski in the winter and snowboarding is so difficult.

“John said he could not wait to get back out on his snowboards and ski again.

When you see a truck that’s been around for 10 years or so and there are still a lot more people than the ice trucks, it definitely makes for a very good event.”

But what about the drivers?

John’s Snowy Skateboards and Snowboarding Club, which is in partnership with the Snow and Ice Skate Association, have been in touch with the truck operator.

He said the drivers were happy to participate and enjoy the truck and the trucks snowboarding events.

There are many Snowy Snowboarding events happening at the moment, including the Snow Sport Queenstown snowboard event in January.

However, John said the trucks would not be returning to Snowy, but the Queenstown Ice Bowl, and other events that have been held on the lake.

“The trucks are there and they’ve got a few events that we have planned but there’s a few snowboard and ski clubs that are going to be there, too, so that will be a great option,” he told ABC Radio New Zealand.

You can find the Snowsport Queenstown truck on the Snowmobile Club website, and Snowmobile Queenstown’s Facebook page.

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