Why Scotland is the best place to be a snowboarder

Scottish snowboarding legend Scotty Treadwell is a passionate snowboarders, and he’s a big fan of snowboarding.

He recently posted a video to Instagram of himself, Treadwood, and two other snowboard legends, John Darnell and Alex Jones, riding in a snowmobile.

“The best part of snowmobiles are the wheels and the engine,” Treadworth tells us.

Snowboarder Scotty is an avid snowboard rider and one of the best snowboard players in the world.

In this video, Treadsworth and his fellow snowboard stars are riding on the side of the snowmobile while they skate over snow.

The video was shared over 2 million times.

Treadsworth also wrote an article for The Scotsman about the new wave of snowboard and snowboard gear.

You can see the video below:It’s a great piece of video, as Treadswell tells us, because it shows the best of the city and the best part about snowmapping.

“I love it when the snowmapper is so calm and cool, because you can really see what the snow is like,” he says.

“It’s amazing what the road does to a mountain.

And when you are snowmapped like this, you really get that sense of distance and the distance between you and the snow.”

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