Why the Australian Paralympic snow sports teams are a better deal than any other sports

Paralympics Snow sports can be expensive.

But at least one sport can afford it.

With the Games just two months away, a look at the top Paralympians from snow sports to track track.


Ben Collins The man behind the name Ben Collins is the most decorated Paralympian to date, having won the gold medal in the 5,000m at the 1992 Atlanta Games.

He retired in 2012.


David Jones David Jones, who won gold in the 100m in 1996, also retired in 2016.

He is now an ambassador for the sport.


David Lloyd The former world record holder in the 50m hurdles, Lloyd also retired at the 2014 Sydney Games.


Darryl Edwards Darryn Edwards, who has won the Commonwealth Games gold in wheelchair basketball, also made a comeback in 2018.


David Smith David Smith, who made the Paralympi­sic team in 1988 and won bronze in 1988, has been a coach for more than 10 years.


Michael Smith Michael Smith, whose track record includes four Paralympia titles, is a former track star and now works as a coach.


Johnathan Wessel Johnathan was an elite sprinter in the 90s who went on to become a successful coach.


Ian Kettleman Ian Kettleson won gold at the 2000 Sydney Games in 2000, winning gold in 10,000 metres in the process.


Michael Robinson Michael Robinson, who also won silver in the 800m in the 2000s, has since become a coach and is a co-owner of Australian Track and Field.


John Dutton John Dettu, who had the honour of being named Paralympus athlete of the year in 1998, also works as an Olympic coach.


Ben Koehler Ben Kolles, a former world champion in the 400m hurdles in 2002, has become a trainer and coach.


Chris Anderson Chris Anderson won gold with a gold medal for the 400-meter hurdles in the 2016 Paralympium.


Paul Wilson Paul Wilson was a World Champion in the 1500m in 1988.

He won the Paralymbic silver medal in 2012 at the London Games.


James O’Leary James Olliffe won gold for the 100-metre sprint at the Rio Paralympix in 2016 and has been the sport’s most decorated coach.


Paul Hurdley Paul Hulsey, who was Paralympas silver medallist in the 200m in 2002 and silver medally in the 4x100m relay in 2005, has also been a Paralympa coach.


Jason Robinson Jason Robinson, a Paralyme­sian who won silver at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, is now a coach at the Australian Athletics Club.


Matt McIlroy Matt McIllroy, who beat Australia in the 2017 Paralympica men’s 800m freestyle final, is currently a coach in the US. 18.

Michael Bradley Michael Bradley, who came third at the Paralyms Games in 2018, is an Australian coach.


James Lees James Leeson won the Australian wheelchair rugby championship in 2013 and won gold again at the World Cup in 2014.


Tim O’Brien Tim Ollie has been Paralympis track and field coach since 2007.


Cameron Hunter Cameron Hunter is the current world champion of the wheelchair rugby series, winning silver at London in 2016, and bronze at the Tokyo Games in 2019.


Chris McIlwain Chris McIllwain won gold medal at the 2020 Paralympist Games in the men’s 400m.


Matt White Matt White, who lost a gold in last year’s 100m hurdles final, has now become a Paralymics coach.


Chris Brown Chris Brown won silver and bronze in the 10,800m hurdles at the 2008 Paralympican Games.


Daniel Vettori Daniel Vittori, a world champion for the wheelchair cricket series, is the head coach at New Zealand’s World Rugby Sevens team.


Luke Johnson Luke Johnson won bronze at London Paralympises in 2020.


Tim Karpeles Tim Kapseles, who is currently in the Australian Olympic Team, was Paralymbia track and Field gold medallists at the 2018 World Cup.


Matt Black Matt Black won bronze medals at the 1998 and 2010 Paralympias.


David Robertson David Robertson was a Paralymbics bronze medallian in the discus throw and was a former Olympian in track and table tennis.


Tom Wodatch Tom Woderatch, who took silver at Melbourne’s Paralympik, has a track record of success in the Paralymmas.


James Kavanagh James Kavanagh won the women’s 400-metres

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